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Digital Digest 6.26.24

June 26, 2024 |
Cannes Conversations: LinkedIn Unveils New Tools for Publishers and Marketers

LinkedIn introduced new features enhancing the B2B user experience, emphasizing relationship-building and soft skills. Generative AI is reshaping business by complementing jobs rather than replacing them, with 75% of the workforce using it. LinkedIn’s new tools include LinkedIn CTV, Live Event ads, and Thought Leader ads, focusing on video content and AI-enhanced marketing. The platform is collaborating with publishers and using AI to optimize ad campaigns and ROI, solidifying its role in B2B marketing.

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The Trade Desk Adds CVS Retail Data And Relishes The Small Wins In Retail Media

The Trade Desk’s integration with CVS Media Exchange (CMX) introduces a self-serve DSP beta leveraging CVS’s first-party data for programmatic campaign targeting. This aligns with retail media’s focus on incremental gains and transparency. CVS and other retailers allowing third-party DSPs marks a significant step in media buy control and data access, highlighting ongoing industry evolution towards more collaborative and transparent advertising practices.

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The AI Era: Expanding marketing and creative potential

At the Cannes Lions Festival, Google showcased how generative AI is revolutionizing marketing and creative efforts. AI tools like the advanced video model Veo enable rapid, high-quality content creation from simple prompts. Google’s AI helps generate insights, customize media, and scale campaigns efficiently. This innovative technology enhances creative potential, making it easier for marketers to produce engaging content and connect with diverse audiences.

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Instacart plugs retail media data into YouTube Shopping ads to fuel offsite growth

Clorox is piloting YouTube Shopping ads integrated with Instacart’s retail media, using Instacart’s shopper data for targeted ads that direct viewers to place orders on the grocery delivery platform. This marks Instacart’s first “shoppable video” integration, expanding its retail media reach. Offsite programmatic retail media is expected to grow significantly, driving innovation and performance in retail advertising.

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