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Digital Digest 7.10.24

July 10, 2024 |
Disney Expands Its Audience Graph And Clean Room Tech Beyond The US

Disney is expanding its audience graph and clean room technology to Latin America, launching Disney+ with ads this week. Using BridgeID, a synthetic ID for audience targeting, Disney aims to enhance ad targeting and measurement. The LATAM Disney+ app will also feature Star+ content. A partnership with Mercado Libre will help brands target ads based on ecommerce data. This expansion marks Disney’s effort to grow its global streaming business.

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Meta’s potential news blackout in Australia: What it means for the Industry and beyond

Meta’s threat to block news content on Facebook in Australia amidst regulatory pressures signals a contentious escalation in the tech versus traditional media battle. Stemming from Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code, designed to rectify power imbalances by ensuring fair compensation for news content, Meta’s stance mirrors past conflicts in Canada. The potential ban could reshape digital news consumption and influence global regulatory trends, posing significant implications for media outlets and tech companies alike.

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Snapchat Drives Audiences to Watch TV Shows and Movies

Snapchat proves pivotal in driving both existing and new audiences to TV shows and movies, with Samba TV’s research revealing an average 84% increase in tune-ins. Notably, Snapchat reaches a unique audience, with 79% of impressions targeting households untouched by TV ads. One in three tune-ins originate from new viewers, emphasizing Snapchat’s effectiveness in expanding viewer bases across all levels of TV consumption. Leveraging multiple ad formats further amplifies campaign impact, showcasing Snapchat’s role in bridging mobile and television viewership.

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Burt’s Bees teams with Amazon Ads for ‘Screencare’ product sets

Burt’s Bees launched “Screencare” sets to promote its skincare line, inspired by Amazon Prime Video’s top genres. The Canada-focused campaign highlights the impact of what you watch on your skin. Custom sets like The Romance Lover and The Action Fan are sold on Burt’s Bees’ Amazon store. Collaborating with Amazon Ads, the digital campaign includes ads on Fire TV, IMDb, and social media, with influencer extensions on Meta and TikTok. Sales have increased by 53% since the launch.

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