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iNvolded Media Digital Digest 11.9.22

iNvolved Media Digital Digest
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Peacock Pacts With Hallmark for Branded Streaming Hub

With Christmas and Thanksgiving right around the corner, many streaming services are gearing up for the holiday season. Peacock has struck a deal with Hallmark Media to provide on-demand options for Hallmark’s signature movies. Starting November 2nd, any Peacock subscribers will have access to an array of holiday Hallmark movies. This is to get viewers in the holiday spirit! ( 10/31/2022)

How Programmatic Ad Buys Are Shaping The Premium Video Landscape

With the ongoing growth of video ads during 2022, we are seeing the heightening popularity of programmatic. FreeWheel, a branch off of Comcast Advertising, previously spoke about how many clients shift to programmatic due to the vast amount of flexibility, controlled ad environments and results. We don’t know what the future will look like but programmatic buys are becoming more and more versatile. ( 10/31/2022)

Want A Blue Check Mark On Twitter? It May Soon Cost You $19.99 A Month

Adding another monthly subscription to the list? It will now cost users $19.99 per month to be verified on Twitter. Many creators and users take the blue check mark as a status symbol and a way to determine authentic accounts from spam accounts. While we don’t know much else about this subscription service yet, any existing verified accounts may lose their check mark. These next few weeks look to be a wild ride between Twitter and users. ( 10/31/2022)

Instagram Jumps Into NFTs With Minting And Selling Feature

NFT is a unique digital artform and to many a cryptocurrency, but it looks like Instagram is jumping on the NFT bandwagon very soon. In the coming months, Instagram will allow artists to create and sell their own NFT’s right from the platform (kind of like a futuristic art studio). This is a fun and exciting way for artists to showcase their work and it will be interesting to see how this changes not only the social media game but the art world as well. ( 11/3/22)

Involved Media Michael Dobson At Brand Innovators’ C-Suite & Marketing Leadership

Last Tuesday, Involved Media’s very own Michael Dobson was a speaker at the C-Suite and Marketing Leadership talk held by Brand Innovators. He spoke with FTD/Proflowers Chief Marketing Officer Taryn Rayment about the revamp and marketing she was able to bring to the company since joining. They take a deeper look into the future of FTD/Proflowers as the company joins partnerships with well-known brands like Baked by Melissa. Check out the video! ( 11/1/22)

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