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iNvolved Media Digital Digest 1.11.23

iNvolved Media Digital Digest
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16 Trends Marketing Agencies Need To Prepare To Leverage In 2023

In order to do well in the marketing world we have to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Whether it be fashion, social media, food, tech, trends are a great way to relate to our consumers. Our main goal as marketers is to create content that will keep our audience wanting more and more. Here are 16 trends that may be helpful in your marketing world. ( 1/4/2023)

Paramount Advertising Looks to Scale Identity on CTV With Unified ID 2.0

As 2023 rolls in we will continue to see the growth of a cookie-less world. Paramount is taking the first step by enabling The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 identifier, which will provide increased privacy and security. By utilizing UID2, advertisers can match first-party data against a subset of UID2-enabled Paramount inventory, with the ability to scale across Paramount’s EyeQ inventory. Check out this article for more information: ( 1/4/2023) 

Facebook Still Generates Most of Meta’s Ad Revenues, as Instagram Drives Growth

Most of us watched social media grow and grow as the years passed, watching it becoming something bigger than we could have ever imagined. Back in 2012 when Facebook bought Instagram Facebook was the biggest social media platform around but as we roll into 2023 it looks like Instagram may be creeping up fast and may plan to outpace Facebook’s ad revenue by a landslide. ( 12/21/2022)

Just In Time For Those New Year’s Fitness Resolutions, Netflix Adds Nike Workout Videos

New year new me! As we enter 2023 new year’s resolutions are top of mind, and the most common resolution is…well… working out! As gyms flood with resolution fueled members, Netflix is throwing their hat in the game. They have partnered with Nike and launched 30 hours of workout videos from the Nike Training Club with 10 different categories, 3 different lengths, and in 10 different languages. These new workouts are friendly to all users! ( 12/31/22)

Twitter To Relax Ban On Political Ads

As Twitter continues to change under its new CEO Elon Musk the company is now opening the doors back up to Political Ads. Twitter stated they will be “allowing advocacy groups and elected officials to resume promotions focused on specific causes”. While this decision comes under fire by many users and companies for lifting the 2019 political advertising ban Twitter ensures it will be a permit cause-based system and unlike previous management it will prevent advertisers from using microtargeting to reach specific audiences. ( 1/3/2023)

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