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iNvolved Media Digital Digest 11.22.22

iNvolved Media Digital Digest
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Bloomberg Media exerts more control over its programmatic advertising as part of ‘a philosophical shift’

Back in late September, Bloomberg Media parted ways with Taboola and decided to take a different path when it came to data analysis. They built their own data platform called ‘Audience Accelerator’ to help marketers have more clear insights into Bloomberg ads. Chief Digital Officer Julia Beizer stated, “We’re choosy about who we work with and we will have to see what happens in the future. Whatever happens, it will come back to us figuring out what we can do well for our users and our clients….”( 11/1/2022)

Why Advertisers Should Be Leveraging Digital Out-Of-Home Ads

Digital out-of-home advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertisement. DOOH advertising can be a variety of formats and sizes, from time square billboards to the sides of busses, and bus stops, overall these ads convey an opportunity for brands to build relationships with their audiences. Here are top five reasons you and your ad team should keep an eye out for DOOH advertising and the benefits. ( 11/15/2022)

Beyond A Hashtag: Creating Social Media Movement

Hashtags (or as some of us like to still call it, the pound key) is just another way to connect with people through the power of social media. Using hashtags is an easy way to find people who are passionate about a similar item, issue or event. Here are some tips on how hashtags can help your company branch out and connect with customers. ( 11/16/2022)

Empowering social media users to assess content helps fight misinformation

With the powerful ways in which social media and technology help us, there’s also negative aspects like viruses and false information that circle us like vultures. MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab graduate Farnaz Jahanbakhsh and fellow graduates are looking to create a platform that gives users a way to filter through any misinformation or negative feedback. This project is a great way to combat this problem and offers a new approach. ( 11/16/22)

Facebook is removing several information fields from profiles, including religious and political views

Starting December 1st Facebook will begin removing four fields many have called outdated and not needed. Facebook has already starting to notify people who have these fields filled out as a cautionary way to “…make Facebook easier to navigate and use…’’ Many users don’t mind these fields going away while others used them to get to know someone before friending them. ( 11/17/22)

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