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iNvolved Media’s Digital Digest 2.22.23

iNvolved Media Digital Digest
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This Is Why ChatGPT Is Not A Disruptive Technology

As ChatGPT Continues to grow in popularity Uri Levine argues that it is not a disruptive technology because it does not fundamentally change the way we communicate, but rather improves upon existing technology. Levine argues that disruptive technologies fundamentally change the status quo and create new markets, while ChatGPT is simply an improvement on existing chatbot technology, but not a game-changer in its own right. ( 2/16/2023)

The Banner Ad Isn’t Making A Comeback – It Never Left

In an op-ed for AdExchanger, Alison Weissbrot argues that banner ads never really went away and remain a significant part of digital advertising. While the industry has seen a shift towards newer ad formats such as native and video ads, the banner ad remains a popular option for many advertisers, providing cost-effective and measurable results. Weissbrot suggests that rather than being a comeback, banner ads have remained a consistent player in digital advertising. ( 2/14/2023)

Vistar Rolls Out Strategic OOH Campaign For Aspex Eyewear

Vistar Media, a digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising technology company, has rolled out a new campaign for Aspex Eyewear. The campaign features digital displays at eye level, showcasing Aspex’s latest eyewear designs in shopping malls and transit hubs in select US cities. The strategic placement of the displays targets high foot traffic areas where the audience is most likely to engage with the advertising. The campaign is an example of how OOH advertising can be used to reach a highly targeted audience. ( 2/16/2023)

TikTok Has Been Working On Shopping Features While Instagram Does The Exact Opposite

TikTok is reportedly working on new shopping features that will allow users to buy products directly within the app. According to a leaked presentation, the features will include a dedicated shopping tab, product catalogs, and a “checkout” button for easy purchasing. The move is part of TikTok’s efforts to expand its e-commerce capabilities and compete with other social media platforms that have already integrated shopping features. ( 2/15/2023)

Introducing Instagram Broadcast Channels: A New Way For Creators to Deepen Connections With Followers

Instagram has announced a new feature called Broadcast Channels, which allows creators to share content with their followers in real-time. The feature will allow creators to create a dedicated channel for their content, where they can broadcast live video, host Q&A sessions, and share behind-the-scenes content. The move is part of Instagram’s efforts to deepen connections between creators and their followers and provide more opportunities for engagement on the platform. ( 2/16/2023)

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