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2023: Top 3 Social Platforms Driving Results

June 15, 2023 |

As brands continue to evolve and grow their business, they soon realize how essential social media marketing is to their success. Before diving into paid social media strategies, let’s first address which platforms generate the most ROAS.


There is a clear reason why a majority of brands first gravitate towards Facebook and Instagram – the large number of monthly users. With Instagram and Facebook surpassing 4 billion monthly users (Statista), Meta is the ideal platform with a vast variety of users and interests to target. Top social media companies and brands take full advantage of Meta’s wide age range found on the platform along with interactive content in the form of images, videos, and stories.


Being the new kid on the block, TikTok has proven how its unique style and format provides an abundance of benefits for social media marketing. This video based app caters to 1 billion monthly users (Statista) with its never ending supply of audiences and brand generated content. Along with the added influencer capabilities, paid advertising on TikTok has shown great success  in terms of driving brand awareness, community interaction, and increasing sales.


Considered the second top search engine in the world (right behind sibling Google!), YouTube is a powerful platform for social media marketing featuring video only-content. This platform has a wide range of users due to the broad list of categories found on the platform like tutorials, entertainment, or even news updates. Whether you’re striving for brand awareness or driving users to your website, consider choosing YouTube to kick things off.

If you’re a brand thinking about how to get started with a paid social media campaign, or just looking to expand your knowledge of the digital world, these top 3 social media platforms are a perfect place to start.