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Political Referendum

Use CTV/OTT to drive residents to state-wide polling centers during the 2022 mid-term elections.


  • Encourage registered voters to vote for a 2022 mid-term election ballot referendum and donate to the cause


  • Proactively secure political inventory approvals through our premium publisher marketplace

  • Implement people-based approach to maximize unique reach among registered voters
    1. Reengage with previously active voters via 1st party CRM data integration
    2. Leverage verified 3rd party data to reach independents
    3. Use relevant contextual and keyword targeting


Reached 3.9 million registered voters across the state

Increased pole favorability by 4% 

Minimized Overexposure - Average frequency per unique user was only 3.25 ads per week

Optimized CTR with an AM and late night focus; 45% more effective than "working hours"

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