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Brand: U Beauty

Involved Media


  • Launching OOH for a digital-native beauty brand to drive in-store and web sales 
  • We analyzed the traffic patterns of UBeautytarget who live and dwell near UBeauty store locations based on their mobile data. We look at location, frequency and time spent


  • In determining where we should make the largest OOH investments for UBeauty, we created indices comparing target, store penetration, media cost and reach impact, to rank our top markets.
  • DOOH was planned with different precision tactics to drive impact and learning. ID targeting drove response vs Lat/Long targeting, proving impact of DOOH. (IDs are closely matched with board spot time/place)


  • Increased aided and unaided awareness and brand consideration
  • Delivered 300% above contract on printed media
  • Drove attributable sales from DOOH retargeting that returned 4X the retargeting budget

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