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Digital Digest 3.20.24

March 20, 2024 |
Goodbye to Cookies: Digital Advertising’s Leap in the Dark

Google’s third-party cookie deprecation faces delays, sparking industry concerns. Privacy Sandbox initiative struggles with adoption challenges amid regulatory scrutiny. Marketers unprepared for impending changes explore alternative strategies like contextual advertising. Uncertainty shrouds digital advertising’s future post-cookie era, prompting debates and calls for solutions. Industry braces for potential shifts in budget allocations and seeks clarity on implications of the impending cookie deprecation.

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A US TikTok Ban Could Fuel Meta’s Advertising Dominance- But Google and YouTube Stand to Benefit As Well

A preliminary analysis suggests that a TikTok ban in the US could benefit Meta, YouTube, and Google, with Meta potentially gaining 22.5% to 27.5% of TikTok’s US ad revenues, generating $1.94 billion to $2.38 billion in additional ad revenues by 2025. Reduced competition could allow Meta to consolidate its market share, leading to potential revenue increases. However, factors like user and advertiser migration, regulatory scrutiny, and emergence of new platforms could moderate these benefits.

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Google Loses in Local Search to Instagram, TikTok Among Gen Z

SOCi’s report reveals a shift in local search preferences: Instagram and TikTok dominate among Gen Z, surpassing Google. Social media’s influence on local business searches expands across demographics, challenging Google’s dominance. ChatGPT emerges as a potential disruptor alongside Google’s AI advancements. Despite Google’s efforts to enhance search quality, social media’s role in local search is on the rise. Older demographics still favor Google, but social platforms gain traction.

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Target to Launch Paid Membership Program to Rival Amazon Prime, Walmart+

Target introduces Target Circle 360, a paid membership program offering unlimited same-day delivery and free two-day shipping for orders over $35. With three membership options, Target aims to rival Walmart+ and Amazon Prime. Despite Q4 revenue up 1.7%, comparable sales fell 4.4%, leading to a 1.6% revenue decrease for the year. Target’s loyalty program expansion follows a trend in retail toward enhancing the shopping experience and driving engagement.

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