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Digital Digest 4.3.24

April 3, 2024 |
ChatGPT No Longer Requires an Account — But There’s a Catch

OpenAI is launching an accessible version of its conversational AI, ChatGPT, allowing users to engage without creating an account. However, this version lacks certain features and comes with more restrictive content policies. Users can opt out of having their chats used for training data. OpenAI hasn’t provided clear details on these policies or how they’ll prevent misuse of the platform. The rollout starts gradually, with availability varying by region.

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Walmart Reveals Strategic Expansion in Retail Advertising

Walmart Connect aims to boost its presence in the U.S. advertising market, offering more options and tools for advertisers. Plans include diversifying revenue streams, expanding into streaming media with the Vizio acquisition, and providing access to smaller marketers. Enhanced targeting, measurement tools, and creative choices will be offered, along with improved in-store experiences and expanded partnerships with platforms like Roku and TikTok. 

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Taxi TV To Brands: Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm For DOOH

The article discusses the effectiveness of digital advertising in taxis, particularly through Curb’s “Taxi TV” network. Advertisers target passengers with ads based on location and time of day. Despite limited audience data, advertisers benefit from high viewability and engagement through interactive elements. Measurement metrics include impression counts and conversion rates, while privacy concerns limit specific purchase information sharing. Curb plans to enhance targeting using data from its rideshare app.

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Why the Latest TikTok Ban Attempt Is Different- And What It Means for Marketers

The proposed bill in the U.S. threatens TikTok with a nationwide ban unless it sells, intensifying concerns over national security and data handling. The bill, rapidly passed by the House, awaits Senate deliberation, with President Biden indicating support. While reminiscent of past ban attempts, increased awareness of social media issues and government regulation pressures amplify the current threat. Potential buyers, including Kevin O’Leary and Steven Mnuchin, signal interest, with TikTok valued at $268 billion. If banned, ad dollars could flow to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, altering the social media landscape. Marketers should prepare for potential outcomes amidst regulatory uncertainty.

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