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Digital Digest 5.15.24

May 15, 2024 |
Disney Taps Walmart Connect To Bring More Shopper Data To Streaming

Advertisers demand performance proof for streaming investments, pushing streamers to partner with retailers for closed-loop attribution. Disney Advertising and Walmart Connect’s collaboration enables Walmart advertisers to utilize shopper data for targeting and measurement on Disney’s platforms. The scale and programmatic bidding distinguish this partnership, extending to Disney+ for the first time. With privacy safeguards, it enhances targeting and attribution, aiding advertisers in future campaign planning and customer re-engagement.

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Universal Music Group and TikTok Announce New Licensing Agreement

Universal Music Group and TikTok have struck a new licensing deal, allowing users to access UMG’s vast music catalog on the popular short-form video platform. The agreement enables creators to incorporate UMG’s music into their TikTok content legally. It also signifies a deeper collaboration between the two entities, fostering creativity and expanding the musical landscape on TikTok. This partnership aims to enrich user experiences and support artists’ exposure on the platform.

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Sociable: TikTok launches legal challenge against US sell-off bill

TikTok is challenging the U.S. government’s legislation that would force it to divest its American operations. The bill, which aims to address national security concerns over Chinese-owned apps, could potentially disrupt TikTok’s operations in the U.S. TikTok argues that the legislation is unconstitutional and seeks to protect its interests in the American market. This legal challenge highlights the ongoing tensions between tech companies and government regulations regarding data security and privacy.

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Retail media moves off-site, up-the-funnel—but are retail media networks ready?

Retail media is expanding beyond e-commerce sites to reach consumers earlier in the purchasing journey. With off-site placements becoming more prevalent, retailers are leveraging their customer data and targeting capabilities to offer advertisers new opportunities for brand exposure. While this shift presents challenges, such as maintaining control over data and ensuring brand safety, retail media networks are adapting their strategies to accommodate this trend and capitalize on the growing demand for digital advertising outside of traditional e-commerce channels.

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