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TikTok Success: 5 Essential Strategies

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TikTok has truly taken over and proven that it is here to stay, as its short-form video content continues to reimagine what entertainment is for its users. Just as the platform continues to rapidly expand its growth, so too will different trends take hold. Let’s explore five key considerations for brands to leverage their digital marketing strategy on TikTok.

1. The Rise of Niche Communities

From #BookTok to #CleanTok to #TravelTok, TikTok has cultivated communities founded on shared, hyper-specific interests. The platform enables users to build connections with others over common passions and lifestyles, all free of gatekeeping. Don’t hesitate to be specific! Be willing to tap into these niche communities by doing your research and seeing how different subcultures can benefit from your products and services.

Take advantage of hashtag bundles, such as the #SuperBowl bundle or the #Thanksgiving bundle, that allow brands to target specific user interests. Another unique way brands can interact with these communities is through branded Hashtag Challenges (HTC). With HTC, brands use a unique hashtag, encouraging their audiences to create user-generated-content (UGC) with their products that have the ability to gain reach and even go viral.

2. Influencer and Creator Marketing

TikTok users feel a personal connection to their favorite creators and influencers. Creators build immense trust with their audiences, providing an honest look into their practices and the things they love. With much of their content being organic, the audience can further relate to their favorite influencers.

Be sure to leverage familiar faces and collaborate with influencers to promote products directly to your target audience through reviews, unboxing videos, or showcasing how the product fits into their daily life. Micro-influencers are also seen to have the most impact due to their dedicated and highly engaged following. TikTok also facilitates this collaboration process through the TikTok Creator Marketplace. Through this platform, brands can search through 800k+ creators to fit any budget and source for projects.

3. Social Commerce

The TikTok platform helps users discover new brands and narrow purchasing decisions. The platform is supporting this behavior with its new TikTok Shop feature, allowing users to learn about brands and make purchases all in one place. TikTok is also helping shoppers with its live-streaming capabilities. Brands can use the feature to engage with followers in real-time through showcasing products (think of a modern take on QVC!) and Q&A sessions, developing a more loyal and engaged following in the process.

4. Content That Puts Entertainment First

TikTok users scan their “For You Pages” for content that is uplifting, funny, personalized, and most of all entertaining. Brands can take advantage of this entertainment value by creating ads that feel entertaining, adding features like music and text overlays to keep viewers’ attention. New interactive add-ons like Voting Stickers, the Super Like, and Countdowns can also help engage audiences, and increase brand love and purchase intent!

5. TikTok as a Search Engine

TikTok users, especially Gen Z (TikTok’s largest user base), are starting to rely more on social over search for brand research. Users are constantly trying to discover new and exciting content, and products that can lead them on paths to achieve success and joy. Take advantage of users’ openness and high search intent by leveraging content that promotes your product while also providing joy through humor, relatability, or relaxation. When building out campaigns, brands can also utilize the “Include in search results” feature, enabling their content to appear when users search for similar content in their search bar.

There is no denying the rapid growth of TikTok, and the importance for brands to strategically build their awareness across the platform. TikTok has reached 1.1billion users globally and continues to grow its user base by 17% year over year. This is now a vital platform to build a loyal audience across the next generation of consumers.


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