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Involved Connected Audiences Spring 2024 Report: Streaming Audio

June 5, 2024 | Involved Media Research Team

It’s crucial for media companies, advertisers, and marketers to understand the streaming landscape and anticipate changes by making informed decisions about engaging audiences across all platforms.

To help our brands develop the most effective strategies, Involved Media conducted the Connected Audiences Report in both the United States and Canada, asking consumers about their media habits across linear and connected TV and radio and streaming audio.

Key findings from this portion of the study on streaming audio provide insights into the place of audio platforms in Americans’ daily lives.

Highlights from the US Streaming Audio Study
  • 51% of radio listeners are also streaming audio with ads, and 63% of ad-supported streaming audio listeners are also listening to radio.
  • 51% of respondents regularly watch or listen to podcasts. The top genres included:
    • news and politics (40%),
    • entertainment and pop culture (39%),
    • comedy (38%)
    • sports commentary (29%)
  • 50% of ad-supported audio listeners listen daily.
  • 77% of respondents reported listening to AM/FM radio in the car, followed by streaming audio (58%) and podcasts (38%).
  • 92% of daily streaming audio users are also watching daily video
  • 50% of respondents listen to streaming audio, followed by 43% listen to podcasts, and 20% to AM/FM radio while exercising
  • 53% report they listen to streaming audio, followed by 41% listen to AM/FM radio and 40% listen to podcasts while doing errands/chores.


If you are interested in receiving the full report, send an email to connectedaudiences@involvedmedia.com.

Look out for future Connected Audiences Reports.